Tree & Shrub Auger

Tree & Shrub Auger

A variant of the DCA-Series Augers, Belltec Tree and Shrub Augers are a cost-effective solution for mechanically digging holes to plant trees or shrubs. Options are available from 18-inches to 48-inches in diameter.

Available in 2 in round, 2.5 in round, or 2 in hex output shaft.


  • 48″ overall length
  • Double Flighting
  • Standard Dirt Teeth
  • Available in 18″ to 48″ diameter
  • Available in 2″ Round, 2.5″ Round, or 2″ Hex output shafts

Replaceable Parts:

Tree and Shrub Augers
Size 2-in Round 2.5-in Round 2-in Hex
18″ Diameter A09027A A09027B A09027C
24″ Diameter A12027A A12027B A12027C
30″ Diameter A15027A A15027B A15027C
36″ Diameter A18027A A18027B A18027C
42″ Diameter A20027A A20027B A20027C
48″ Diameter A24027A  A24027B  A24027C

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