SRA-Series Auger

SRA-Series Auger

For use with the TM-48 Belltec Digger

For drilling in the toughest conditions, such as solid rock, concrete, and fractured rock.

The SRA-Series Auger is made to fit seamlessly with your TM-48 Belltec Digger. Featuring a 36" overall length and available in 6" or 9" diameters, the SRA-Series is the perfect solution for drilling in tough conditions such as solid rock, concrete, fractured rock, frozen ground, and compacted soils.


  • 3 1/4″ tube
  • Double Flighting
  • 36″ overall length
  • Available in 6″ or 9″ diameter

Replaceable Parts:

SRA-Series Cluster Heads
Size Part Number
6″ Diameter A06016
9″ Diameter A09016

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