Single Row Rock Auger

Single Row Rock Auger

For pressure diggers and foundation drills.

Single Row Rock Augers offer high-performance features designed to boost your productivity job after job.

  • Single Row Rock Augers for pressure diggers or foundation drills
  • Double-cut, single-row design
  • Every auger stem is keyed into the kelly box ring, and the kelly box is reinforced with twin gussets to minimize the risk of damaging or twisting off the kelly box
  • Contact us for a quote on a custom auger solution for your equipment


  • Double-cut, single-row design
  • 1-inch thick double flight design
  • Auger stem made with premium alloy steel
  • Continuous Stoody 121-G hard facing
  • Optional Duroxite wear pads
  • Custom auger solutions are available

Replaceable Parts:

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