Single Row Digger Derrick Auger

Single Row Digger Derrick Auger

Digger Derrick Single Row Rock Augers offer advanced features that optimize rock-crushing performance, enhance durability, and promote a longer service life.

Single Row Digger Derrick Auger features a double-cut, single row design, 3/4" thick flighting, and long-lasting bullet teeth. This auger is effective for drilling in rocky conditions.


  • Double-cut, single-row design
  • 1-inch boring head flighting
  • 3/4-inch carrier flighting
  • 4-inch diameter auger stem with 3/8-inch wall
  • Long-lasting C1HD Plus™ Bullet Teeth
  • Continuous Stoody 121-G hardfacing
  • AugerGuard™ Coupling

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