Puff Auger

Puff Auger

For drilling T-post holes in dirt, clay, compacted soils, frozen ground, fractured rock, solid rock, and concrete.

Belltec Puff Augers are specially designed to bore holes into the hard ground for installing T-posts. Belltec Puff Augers feature a 1-⅝-inch solid steel shaft and a replaceable 2-inch carbide cutting head that efficiently cuts through hard dirt and rock. Features a 48” overall length for use with auxiliary systems and 36" overall length for use with the TM-48 Belltec Digger.


  • 1 5/8″ Solid Steel Shaft
  • 2-inch Carbide Cutting Head

Puff Auger for use with Hydraulic Auger Drives: 48″ overall length

Puff Auger for use with TM-48 Belltec Digger: 36″ overall length

Replaceable Parts:

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