M-300 Hydraulic Auger Drive

M-300 Hydraulic Auger Drive

M-Series auger drives are available in three models for standard-flow auxiliary hydraulic systems that operate between 10 and 35 GPM and up to 3500 PSI.

The M-300 is one of three models available under our M-Series Hydraulic Auger Drive lineup. It works with systems that operate between 15-30 GPM and up to 3500 PSI. M-Series Hydraulic Auger Drives are made with cutting-edge components and fit a wide range of equipment using the correct attachment options. Pair your M-Series Hydraulic Auger Drive with the right Belltec auger to maximize the benefits of using a top-rated auger drive.

Other Belltec M-Series Models Available:

M-300 (#113029)

Dimensions (Drive only): 11 x 11 x 31 in
Weight Drive/Kit: 162 lbs/288 lbs
Output Shaft Size: 2-in Hex
Max. Dia. Dirt/Rock: 36 in/36 in
Gear Train Type: Planetary
Min./Max. Flow: 15-30 GPM
Max. Intermittent PSI: 3000 PSI
Max. Continuous PSI: 3500 PSI
5 Year Limited Warranty

Speed Output*
15 GPM 45 RPM
20 GPM 60 RPM
25 GPM 75 RPM
30 GPM 90 RPM
Torque Output*
2000 PSI 2041ft. lbs.
2500 PSI 2550 ft. lb
3000 PSI 3062 ft. lbs.
3500 PSI 3572 ft. lbs.

*All values are theoretical. Actual performance may vary
M-300 Kit Includes (#113087): M-300 Hydraulic Auger Drive, Belltec QT-100 Universal Skid-steer Mount, ½” x 96” Hose Kit with Faster Flat Face Couplings.

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