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About Belltec


At Belltec Industries, we have built our business on designing the most rugged and safest drilling equipment for the utility and agricultural industries on the market. From tractor-mounted, down-pressure Post Hole Diggers to hydraulic Auger Drives and a full line of consumables, each Belltec product is highly engineered to be ultra efficient and highly reliable – even in the most demanding conditions.

Located in Belton, Texas, Belltec Industries has been designing, patenting and producing the world’s most efficient drilling equipment for more than two decades. Whether you’re drilling through concrete, rock, shale, or compacted soil, Belltec has a solution that will exceed your expectations. And with multiple configurations, Belltec Auger Drives are sure to fit your drilling needs.

With the uncompromising goal of complete customer satisfaction, our products and our company succeed in the most challenging environments.