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  • 60 INCH DIRT FOUNDATION AUGER ISOMETRIC VIEWOne inch (1”) Thick Flighting that Includes 100% ID Bevel for Welding
  • Solid Stem Shafts that are 4” Solid 9” to 24”  6” Solid to 72”  8” above 72”
  • Heavy Duty Dual Lifting Eyes for Safer Handling
  • 1 3/4” Square Drive Pilot for diameters 9 to 24” and 2 1/2” Square Drive for diameters 30” and above
  • HD-MM2 High Flow Pilot for the 1 3/4 drive collars and the all new 9” diameter FD900 Through Hardened Steel  Alloy 2 1/2” Square Drive Pilot
  • All new HD5 Tapper Fit pockets that are Steel Alloy and Through Hardened provide Strong, long lasting performance.
  • All New Special steel alloy 201 teeth that are rubber button retention
  • Overall Belltec Standard Lengths for 9” to 24” is 48”
  • 24 INCH DIRT FOUNDATION AUGER  FRONT VIEWOverall Belltec Standard Lengths for 30” to 72” is 56″ to 58”
  • For use in dirt, clay, and shale
  • Single Flight – Single Cut
  • Double Flight – Double Cut


We have over 30 years of experience designing and providing custom auger tooling drilling systems around the world.  We welcome the opportunity to help you with your next project requiring special applications or design. Belltec products are better by design. Give us the opportunity to help you be more profitable.  Call and talk directly with our expert team.