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Product Number
Product Name
 115107_0013 115107 Tooth TK55C 4140 Heat Treated four tip Conical Rock Cutter – For Use In Blade Series Rock Auger. For Hard Fracturable Rock That Typically Fails Full Face Blades, Unique Forward Attack Angle Faciliates Fast Penetration And Greater Linear Footage
112002_0014 112002 R5000 4140 Heat Treated Carbide Rock Blade Standard – Full Face 3/16″ Carbide Rock Blade – For Use With Blade Series Rock Augers
 115108_0015 115108 R4000 4140 Heat Treated Carbide Rock Blade Gauge Tooth, 3/16″ Full Face Carbide – For Use In Blade Series Augers Outside Tooth
112002A_0011 112002A ROCK BLADE POCKET Through Hardened – Heat Treated Alloy Rock Blade Pocket – For Use With R-5000-R4000 & TK-55C Carbide Teeth
112088_0091 112088 P6000 – TPB-6 STEP TYPE 4140 Heat Treated Alloy Rock Pilot Bit, Used For Water Well, Directional, Auger and Seismograph Applications, 3 – Step Type (3/16″) Relief ground Carbide Pilot Bit. 5 1/8″ OD Having 2 3/8″ API PIN